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We work individually with teachers to provide an easy picture day.  We have a worksheet in excel that you just put in the number of kids and it automatically calculates the picture time!  Easy as 1-2-3!!  We have a 2 week delivery time!!  Fast & Easy is the name of the game! 



We are committed to delivering excellent customer service, from the initial contact to way past photo delivery.  We are not only available by cell phone for our teachers, but our parents as well.  Michelle's cell number  is listed on our answering machine so that she is able to be contacted at their convenience!!   WOW!!    



We have a strong background in dance photography!  We have been photographing dancers across 7 states for 19 years!  We use top of the line cameras and equipment (but we won't bore you with all of that)!  We have tons of products to choose from!  From keychains, bag tags, and buttons to statues, koozies and art pieces! 

Top of the line


We have many backgrounds, borders, products and props to choose from!! Way to many to name.  We are committed to being on top of our industry and getting you what you want before you want it!!  We have a separate background and photographer for your groups and another background and photographer for your individual pictures so that things are running as smoothly as possible.  We want to be able to give all of your dancers that  individual attention!  



We want everything we do to be transparent for you, the owner.  We have a triplicate order form so that we have a copy, the parents have a copy, and you the dance studio has a copy as well.  We offer you a detailed commission report  as well, so you know exactly what was sold!  We have a 100% money back guarantee. 

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