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We work individually with each school to provide an easy picture day.  We bring any where from 1 - 4 photographers plus an assistant, depending on how many students are at your school.  Our photographers are very well acquainted with children with special needs or behaviors.  In our off time a lot of our photographers work for various school districts as subs for paras or volunteer in their local schools.  It provides us with  a whole new outlook from the other side of the camera!  Contact us today for all your school photography needs!



We have lots of free things for teachers and schools!!  Among the many things that we do, we provide coupons for free pictures to students at every school.  We understand that purchasing pictures is sometimes a luxury item in many households!  We are always looking for ways to give back to our communities!  We want every parent to be able to have that adorable smile in their wallet and hanging on their wall. 



We use top of the line cameras and equipment (but we won't bore you with all of that)!  We are a competitively digital studio.  We do shoot green screen for our school portraits.  Giving the parents the ability to choose from numerous backgrounds! 



We are committed to delivering excellent customer service, from the initial contact to way past photo delivery.  We are not only available by cell phone for our administrators and staff, but our parents as well.  Michelle's cell number is listed on our answering machine so that she is able to be  contacted at their convenience!!   WOW!!     



We are local company that cares about their customers!  We give back to our community and volunteer for many different programs.

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